Protecting the front of your car is always the most important, but every vehicle is different on which areas need the most protection. Call or email us and we will be happy to address the needs of your car in depth.

Full Coverage Frontal Package
– Full Wrapped Hood
– Full Wrapped Front Fenders
– Side Mirrors and Door Cups
– Entire Front Bumper
– Headlights and Fog Lights

Other important areas include:

– Rocker Panels (lower sides)
– Front of Roof and A-Pillars
– Luggage Area kit (top of rear bumper)

Entire Car Coverage

While this is “overkill” in most scenarios in terms of rock chips, some people want to fully protect their investment. We are completely fine with that and happy to oblige if the customer decides to go that route.  It definitely helps you protect your car from random scratches and vandalism over time.

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