About Us

At Atlanta Protective Films, we are a 3 man crew.  Paint protection film is what we specialize in and all that we do. We take pride in being the highest quality shop in Atlanta and putting more into every install in terms of prep, installation quality and the finished product.  We spend the required amount of time on every install to do the job correctly.  Our goal is a satisfied customer, not how many cars we can move through the shop.

I started Atlanta Protective Films in 2005 after spending years in the car business working in body shops and detail shops.  I saw an avenue for a much needed paint protection film business after seeing many installs that were done poorly, incorrectly, or worse; cut on the paint resulting in damage.  I have always taken pride in doing things correctly the first time and keeping a happy clientele.  Being a perfectionist and having respect for your customers and the cars you are working on are what matter most in this industry.  I have had the fortune of working on the nicest cars in the world the past 16+ years.  I have completed over 6000 installs in that time period and I am very proud to have a completely satisfied customer base.  This is how I run my business and am proud to be a hands-on owner/operator.

– Derek Johnson