We use the best paint protection film on the market at Atlanta Protective Films.

Xpel Ultimate Plus 8 Mil PPF:  Xpel Ultimate Plus is Xpel’s latest clear bra paint protection film.  It features superior self-healing capabilities and the toughest clear coat on the market.  It has much improved elasticity for installation than the past generation Ultimate.  Xpel stands behind their film with a 10 year warranty.

Xpel Ultimate Plus 10 Mil PPF:  Xpel also has introduced a 10 Mil version of Ultimate Plus.  This has all the great characteristics of Ultimate Plus with another 2 Mils of protection.  This comes in handy for heavy use applications such as track cars and also high wear areas like front bumpers and rocker panels.  The Ultimate Plus 10 Mil carries a 10 year warranty as well.

Xpel Paint Protection Software:  The Xpel software is the premier paint protection software on the market.  It also features the discontinued ProForm software and European databases inside the program as well.  This results in a massive database of paint protection patterns covering virtually every make and model back into the early 2000’s. Several manufacturers are available going back into the 90’s as well.  These softwares provide the best fitting patterns on the market as well as the ability to modify them.  This allows us to wrap edges wherever possible and modify patterns to give you the best install on the market.  And most importantly all this is done without ever cutting film on your car.

End Result:

What our install results in is the cleanest look possible with all important edges being wrapped.  We are perfectionists and do not leave trash, bubbles, etc behind.  We take our time with each car and do not rush to the next job.  Our experience level accompanied with these products and software make us the best choice for your vehicle.